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I post whatever strikes my fancy that I find beautiful, amusing, affecting, shocking, creative, important. I post about recovery from alcoholism, art, science fiction, poetry, animals, humor, nature, photography, mental illness, and politics.

I am a recovered alcoholic with schizo-affective disorder, which is like bipolar disorder with some extra crazy thrown in. My symptoms are under control with medication and therapy.

I love getting messages! If you want resources for recovery from alcoholism or mental illness, please ask.

Sufi Prayer

Lo, I am with you always means
when you look for God,
God is in the look of your eyes,
in the thought of looking,
nearer to you than your self,
or things that have happened to you.
There’s no need to go outside.

Be melting snow.
Wash yourself of yourself.

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In OTR, 'three-quarter' house is full of heart

Hundreds of recovering alcoholics and addicts place the start of their sobriety at Charlie’s ¾ House, which is in fact a full house, nearly always at capacity.

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Our Last Drunk

The blunt, physiological truth for us, as of today, is that a drink pretty surely means a drunk sooner or later, and that spells trouble.

Drinking for us no longer means music and gay laughter and flirtations. It means sickness and sorrow.

One AA member puts it this way: “I know now that stopping in for a drink will never again be – for me – simply killing a few minutes and leaving a buck on the bar. In exchange for that drink, what I would plunk down now is my bank account, my family, our home, our car, my job, my sanity, and probably my life. It’s too big a price, too big a risk.”

He remembers his last drunk, not his first drink.

—Living Sober

5 days ago
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Living Sober

Somewhat to our surprise, staying sober turns out not to be the grim, wet blanket experience we had expected! While we were drinking, a life without alcohol seemed like no life at all. But for most members of AA, living sober is really living – a joyous experience. We much prefer it to the troubles we had with drinking.

From the book, “Living Sober”

1 week ago
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I think I know why the Republicans in so many states are working to make it harder for blacks and young people to vote. I think it’s to raise their chance of winning elections. If they can deflate the numbers of minority and young voters, they can balloon the electoral power of older, white people. That’s a mathematical fact.
Chris Matthews weighs in on the wave of GOP-backed voter ID laws being passed throughout the country (via msnbc)
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I’m gonna leave this right hair.
Source: Awwww Pets!


I’m gonna leave this right hair.

Source: Awwww Pets!

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