Text message convo with my first sponsee

me:[Feb. 5] How was today? Didn't hear from you. Hope you are well!
sponsee:Doing o.k.! A lot going on with my daughter. Still no drinking..
me:Ok. Call me later.
me:We need to meet soon.
sponsee:Probably going [to a meeting] tonight.
sponsee:[Feb. 7] Hey man probably not going to make it tonight! I can make it tomorrow night...
me:I'm out of town thru sat night. Let's meet on Sunday.
me:And then we need a weekly schedule going forward. Think about what might work for u.
sponsee:Cool sounds good!
me:[Feb. 8] How was today? Didn't hear from you. Hope all is well.
me:[Feb. 9] How was today? Didn't hear from you. I'm at the v day aa dance at the American legion. Hope you're ok.
me:[Feb. 10] How's life? How was the weekend.
me:[Feb. 17] Hope your weekend is going well.
03/01/13 at 5:00pm
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  3. friendofbillw said: Ohhhh nobody told u? Its a selfish program. We don’t sponsor them to keep Them sober. We sponsor them to Keep US sober. Can’t keep it til u give it away! Xoxoxo
  4. sillisa said: Hate to tell you this, but… yeah so many of them don’t make it, or they go out and come back and get a new sponsor which is fine. 1 of mine with 4 mos. just went out.
  5. comfyscouch said: well, I don’t like to bet on it, but… I think that one moved back to Margaritavilla. Hopefully not & hopefully comes back.
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